February, 2016 NEWS

On Friday, February 5, 2016, I had the honor of being on the Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce radio show at Fox Radio in honor of Black History Month.  My topic was “The NAACP in Dutchess County”.  Please follow the instructions below and you will be able to hear the show on your computer.

Just below is a drop-box link so you can click on (or copy and paste in your browser) and download the MP3 file to your computer to listen!   


          Our next General Membership meeting will be on Thursday February 18, 2016.  We will be celebrating Black History Month with a presentation from our Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration/ Black History Month Celebration Committee Chairman, Ronald G. Greene.  Mr. Greene’s topic is:

“Zion Pilgrim Methodist Episcopal Church of Baxtertown:  Uncovering History.”

We will meet at Springfield Baptist Church, 8 Mattie Cooper Square at 7pm.

This year we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary as a branch.  This is a special time for us.